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If you joined me on my little part of the Internet, you’re probably an optometrist or entrepreneur or both. A big thank you! Enjoy some interesting articles and feel free to download free resources and listen to my podcast. If you are interested in consulting, courses, or more, then join me at Optometric Management Education! If you just want to talk, then feel free to reach out to me here.

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Being able to ask the right questions and create a plan for improvement where results are needed most is key to any company or individual.  Choose a partner who insists on results.

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Dr. April Jasper is not only an optometrist but also a digital course instructor. She brings an engaging style to her message that is distinctive and creates positive results.  She has a gift for connecting with her audience in an authentic way to help them imagine themselves in a place of positive change.



The Leading Podcast for Eyecare Providers. It is 2024 and we are all faced with the challenge of continuing to build stronger and more productive practices while still enjoying every day. Dr. April Jasper and David Jasper are joined by leading experts to discuss hot topics, practice management tips, patient care moments and vendor vignettes.

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Hi Dr. Jasper! I was so inspired and energized after your summit last week. – Anonymous.

Hi Dr. Jasper, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our practices yesterday. I always enjoy your lectures and appreciate your vision in private practice optometry. – Anonymous.

Great job. Meaningful use isn't the most fun topic, but you made it interesting.

I have already referred friends. Your service was fantastic. Thank you.