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Dr. April Jasper is a highly motivated and inspiring speaker who brings your message to life.  April has a gift for finding the heart of the message and then bringing it to the audience in a meaningful way for everyone. She has a passion for changing peoples lives for the better.

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Being able to ask the right questions and create a plan for improvement where results are needed most is key to any company or individual.  Choose a partner who insists on results.

Keynote Presentations

Dr. April Jasper is not only an optometrist but also a motivational speaker.  She brings an engaging style to her message that is distinctive and creates positive results.  She has a gift for connecting with her audience in an authentic way to help them imagine themselves in a place of positive change.

Public Speaking

Dr April Jasper can bring your next message to life through a dynamic and engaging presentation that is sure to motivate you and your staff to be empowered to change the lives of everyone around them. All presentations can be either in-person or online.

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Hi Dr. Jasper! I was so inspired and energized after your summit last week. – Anonymous.

Hi Dr. Jasper, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our practices yesterday. I always enjoy your lectures and appreciate your vision in private practice optometry. – Anonymous.

Great job. Meaningful use isn't the most fun topic, but you made it interesting.

I have already referred friends. Your service was fantastic. Thank you.