Meet Dr. April Jasper

My Beginnings

Growing up I would have never imagined I would enjoy public speaking. My entire life changed after the feedback I received following my first speaking event. To have an attendee tell you that you must continue to tell your stories so that everyone can be blessed makes an impression. Even though I was terrified to stand up and talk in front of a crowd, the encouragement I received made me continue. I believe that everyone has been given at least one gift in life and that when we discover it we are obligated to help our fellow man by sharing our gift. I still get nervous before I speak. Not terrified any longer but anxious only because I don’t want to be at a podium to hear myself speak I only want to be there if I can somehow make someone else’s life better by sharing.

What Makes April Different

Every speaker has their own style and I love to be in the crowd and listen to others and learn from them. I have determined that what makes my speaking fun and impactful is that I speak from the heart and with passion. I share personal stories and relate with my audience in a very real way without making anyone feel like a lesser person. I love to motivate my audience to truly live to their greatest potential. All of this began from my first real speaking event in 2005. It was only a 10 minute presentation however it was to an audience of over 1,000.

Why Choose AprilI

I have had many personal experiences both good and bad where I have had the choice to either face adversity and triumph or let it take over me. I can name a person at each of these turning points in my life who has inspired and motivated me to make the better choice and I am passionate about the fact that every experience we have with others is an opportunity to impact their life for good or bad. I take this responsibility seriously and when given the chance to speak it is a wonderful opportunity and obligation to let my passion to serve bless others.


#11 Optometrist in the U.S. “Newsweek

Past FOA president

Past Benedict professor

Editor of Optometric Management

Past editor Women in Optometry